March Sketchbooks

Sketchbook CollectionThe sun has made it’s annual return to Seattle this month and with it, the bug. The watercolor bug, that is.

Excited by the prospects of an active spring and summer season, I’ve been assembling a watercolor travel kit with the goal of breaking down the barriers between ‘being there’ and actually painting.

One of the key tactics I’ve learned this month is to have a good number of sketchbooks on hand. Since washes and the like take time to dry, it’s nice to be able to switch over from one sketchbook to another during the wait. Another thing I’ve noticed is how quickly the day slips away while working en plein air, making it important to not spend too much time working out the actual drawing before getting to the paint.

I’ve been reading Tom Hoffman‘s book, Watercolor Painting: A Comprehensive Approach to Mastering the Medium, where he does an excellent job explaining process and method in a way that makes the subject of painting in watercolor a lot more approachable. Mr. Hoffman is a working contemporary watercolorist who also teaches watercolor courses at Gage Academy in Seattle. He includes many of his own paintings to illustrate his lessons, but also uses a good variety of work by other artists to illustrate his lessons. There’s also the big picture book aspect to get excited about.

Check out more of my watercolor work here.

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