Microsoft Pinpoint

My first project at Microsoft was working on Microsoft Pinpoint, a site dedicated to making connections between Microsoft business partners worldwide and their customers.

During our team’s earliest stages of designing this massive web site, I was tasked with designing the user interface and experience for the Pinpoint Dashboard – where registered business partners sign in to create and publish listings for their apps and professional services worldwide and track listing metrics and customer leads.

Since its first release, Microsoft Pinpoint has been used as a marketplace framework by business groups throughout Microsoft, including Microsoft DynamicsSystem Center, and Office 365.

In 2013, I was tasked with updating the Pinpoint UI to align with Microsoft’s new core branding guidelines. In the following months after the designs were approved, I also contributed heavily to the front-end development of the site. The new UI launched on January 24, 2014.

The videos below were produced for promoting the original dashboard tool to partner users, and features the user interface and experience I was responsible for engineering from 2008-2010. The first video depicts the original interface the Pinpoint Dashboard released with, the second depicts UI from a subsequent release.